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On the occasion of the Launch of the 2016 OECD Economic Survey Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (2nd from left) awarded a Honorary Coin to  Andreas Wörgötter for his contributions to the OECD cooperation with the Czech Republic.  Secretary General José Ángel Gurría (L) and Minister of Industry and Trade Jan Mladek (2nd from right) look on with satisfaction.

Presentation of the Economic Survey of Germany in Berlin with Secretary General José Ángel Gurría (M) and ​Álvaro Santos Pereira (R) - April 2016. One recurrent theme of recent Economic Surveys of Germany is the recommendation to engage in structural reforms which make the economy more inclusive, remove entry barriers for overly regulated domestic services markets and broaden support for innovation spending. Such a policy mix would close the gap between Germany's booming export oriented manufacturing industries and the less dynamic domestic service providers for domestic customers.  More Details to be found in OECD ECO WPs 940 and 780. Media coverage:

Andreas Wörgötter receiving a Honorary Medal for 20 years of good work on the Slovak economy from Peter Javorcik, State Secretary for European Affairs - November 2014. OECD ECO WP 1019 explains why the Slovak economy did well after entering the euro area during the big financial crisis.

Press conference for the presentation of the 2011 OECD Economic Survey of Austria. Andreas Wörgötter explains that the Austrian health care system is more supply driven and not primarily focused on patient needs.  For more detail see OECD ECO WP 895:

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